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Chicken Rigatoni

Benvenuto Rigatoni

May 29, 2018
By: Tomatina Topic: Menu

Our Chicken Rigatoni, an instant hit from our specials offerings, is now a permanent addition to our menu. This warm and hearty dish features prosciutto, creamy tomato sauce and Parmesan, ingredients that blend together to provide a taste you’ll enjoy again and again.


Did you know the popular pasta “Rigatoni” was named rigatoni because of its infamous ridges or lined texture? Yes, in fact, rigatoni is derived from the Italian word rigato, which directly translates to “ridged” or “lined.” Many Italians actually believe that ridges make a better surface for sauces and grated cheese, and are ideal for heartier meat sauces.


Want another fun fact about rigatoni? We thought so. 


Rigatoni is a recent addition to be incorporated into Italian pasta dishes, as pastas with ridges or grooves weren’t invented until after industrialized pasta production begun.


Come in soon to enjoy this recent addition to the pasta family, and more importantly, the Tomatina family.


Our popular Chicken Rigatoni is also available for take-out or delivery so you can savor it in the comforts of home. 

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