Tomatina Rewards Program | Earn Free, Fresh Italian Food

Tomatina rewards

Earn points every time you eat at Tomatina and redeem them for delicious rewards. It’s our way of saying grazie.

Introducing Tomatina Rewards, our new rewards program!

Every piping hot pizza, every pasta, every irresistible piadine, and everything else on our delicious menu earns you points.

As a Tomatina Rewards member, it’s our pleasure to tempt you with exciting offers and make it easy for you to get those garlic rolls, splurge on tiramisu, and try every single one of our fresh Italian dishes.

how it works

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Join Tomatina Rewards

There’s no charge to sign up.
Click Here to get started.
(Mobile app coming soon!)

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Online or In Person

When ordering online, just be sure you’re logged in to receive points.

Download our app now!

Dining with us? Your server will ask for the phone number or email address you used to sign up.

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Trade Points For Rewards

Decide when you want to save by spending your points or waiting until the time is right.

Redeem your points for free food!
100 points = $5 off
200 points = $10 off
500 points = $25 off
1,000 points = $50 off

Join Tomatina Rewards

Join Tomatina Rewards

Signing up is simple. You’re one click away from earning the finest Italian food outside of Italy. Get $10 off just for signing up!